Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre

Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre

One World, One Hope

We are not only fundraising for the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre, we are also joining participants from 28 other countries who also support Relay For Life. We are going to join together as a virtual global movement of cancer fighters in November.

We hope you will support our team's efforts as we join in this global effort to fight cancer.

If you purchase and dedicate a Luminaria/candle bag to a loved one it will be viewed by communities across the world!

We are One World,

With One Hope.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Francine Dill


Ronda Lewis


Chinue Fred




Mark Eldridge

Nigel, you are a support to so many others, and an inspiration to me. Well done to you and your team! (I'll also do a separate donation through Bermuda Cancer and Health as my company will match local charity donations.)


Paulette Dill


Nicole And Christian

So proud of you.


Andrea Pitcher

Glo, you are a great inspiration!



You are my hero and I am proud to look up to you.



You never gave up. You prevailed. You inspire others. I am proud to stand by your side and always have your back.


Davi & Zara Fred

We are proud of you!